How these things happen.

Mercury – not as boring as previously believed.

Good evening. Detailed program notes for this edition are on Substack. Planet Waves FM usually posts well ahead of its 10 pm scheduled time.

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Here is the study on which Sabine Hazen is a co-author claiming whole-genome sequencing of SARS-CoV02. When you read a study, go right to “methods.” Then check “conclusions” and see if they match.

Here is Christine Massey’s response to Sabine Hazen’s study claiming whole-genome sequencing of SARS-CoV02.

Here is Notes from Downwind, which analyzes the Nuclear Axis charts, and looks at Fukushima.

Here is Chernobyl: Witnesses, Near and Far, which looks closely at Chernobyl.

Here is Free Pill Astrology.

And here is the utterly classic segment of interviews outside Foo Fighters two years ago.

New on Substack

Over the past week, I did a special edition podcast on Mercury retrograde; I covered the astrology of Robert F. Kennedy declaring his candidacy; and broadcast a panel with Jesse Zurawell and Michael Bryant looking at the political implications. The Substack website associated with this program is fantastic. And it’s the easiest way to make a donation — just become a paying subscriber.

Here are the charts for Chernobyl, then Mercury retrograde. Below that is Brian Eno’s chart.

Chernobyl and the Nuclear Axis
Mercury retrograde and direct
Brian Eno, natal and progressed

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