Identity and Violence in the Global Village

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Dear Friend and Reader:

The Global Village is where we live. It’s the “space” where the whole world has been drawn together by instantaneous electronic communication. When a violent event happens, the shockwaves go through the village, magnified by hundreds of millions of people who are impacted and thereby become involved.


Violence seems to be a given in our society, which seems perpetually at war; where hundreds of people are shot to death every week; and where carnage is the most compelling thing on TV (whether in ‘fiction’ or ‘nonfiction’ form).

The question is, what function does violence serve? People complain about violence, and then blockbuster films based on death and destruction succeed wildly. The vast majority of people — Republicans and Democrats — favor stricter (as in actual) background checks and a ban on military-grade weapons for civilians. Yet they keep re-electing politicians who do nothing.

Violence serves a purpose, which is to help people forge identity. It’s not the only way, but it’s the one most often chosen. In this case, most of what we have is virtual violence, since I doubt anyone reading this was at the scene. It’s all a media event, transmitted digitally.

What is the impact of this?

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at these issues carefully. I investigate at the astrology of the purported shooter, and of the event, and where the two meet. [See charts here.]

My musical guest is Jimmy Be Free of Portland, Oregon, a gifted musician who plays electric six-string violin.

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PS — I am aware that reports that this incident was staged or false flag are circulating widely, and are being given credence. The video of apparent crisis actors is disturbing, as are obvious problems with how the crime scene is being described. For our purposes, whether this event happened as described, or some other way, the effect is the same. If you’re one of those people who is asking questions, I encourage you to keep going. Plenty is being posted to my personal Facebook page by other readers.

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