Is Virology a Science?

Is virology a science, or a branch of graphic arts?

Tonight: Is Virology a Science? Christine Massey returns to the program. Poetry by T. S. Eliot. The Branching of the Road — new program on A Course in Miracles.


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The Branching of the Road: New program about A Course in Miracles

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This week, statistician Christine Massey returns to the program and we discuss whether virology is really a science.

The question is not so far-fetched. Science must be repeatable. There must be controls in any experiment. There must be a testable hypothesis and sound methodology. I have followed the virus issue since the 1980s: I’ve researched and reported on HIV, HSV, HPV, polio, SV-40 and now SARS-CoV-2. When you dig into these subjects, you discover that that there is no continuity to any discussion; there is no solid ground. Everything is based on a guess or a computer model.

Christine Massey of Ontario has been compiling Freedom of Information Law responses about whether any government, agency or institution has documentation of SARS-CoV-2. All 107 have said that they have no such records.

I have two other scientific specialities: astronomy and toxicology. The issues are fairly easy to follow. While inferences are sometimes drawn (what is dark matter?), it’s easy to follow the rationales, whether honest or dishonest. It is easy to see agendas and profit motives at work. It is easy to follow the mathematics. Studies are almost always verified by further research. One builds on another.

Even one of the world’s top virologists and masters of the PCR test — Dr. Stephen Bustin of the UK — authored a 2017 paper demonstrating that the majority of findings in the field of virology cannot be reproduced. If a study is not reproducible, is not an established scientific finding.

Similarly, according to Dr. Christopher Korst, thousands of published, peer-reviewed papers are based on misidentified or contaminated cell lines. These fundamentally flawed studies are then cited even tens of thousands of times by other published, peer-reviewed studies that take their incorrect findings as scientific fact and then “build” on them.

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