The Conspiracy Theory Known as a Timeline

First published Sept. 11, 2021 | Updated Oct. 4, 2021

The advanced timeline has been underway since late one night in February 2021, though several earlier drafts were incorporated into the current publication. Photo by Eric Francis.

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NOTE: This document updates frequently. The version number is on the top right.

Chiron Return, the nonprofit publisher of Planet Waves FM, has published a working draft of its Covid timeline. The original focus of the document was the polymerase chain reaction test for the alleged virus. We continue to develop this angle, though are adding material from other viewpoints, including economic.

This is a published working draft that spans from mid-2019 through around April 2021. Most existing timelines begin on Dec. 31 and omit all the events of December 2019. We continue to add new dates and additional information daily.

We have focused on the first three months to get a sense of how Chinese authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) went from a few seemingly ordinary cases of pneumonia to a new virus to the claim of a pandemic in a matter of weeks. No unusual symptoms were reported. It is unclear exactly how anyone even suspected some kind of new pathogen or “novel virus.”

This document cites numerous high-level sources as well as mainstream news and organizational sources of information. We have not attempted to reconcile inconsistencies as of this time; we feel they are an important part of the story. And in those first 90 days, there is much more to tell.

Our timeline-news chronology, Covid19 News, did not begin recording events until March 3, 2020, yet it seems much that happened has its origins in before Jan. 23, the date the Corman-Drosten paper was published by Eurosurveillance. This is the paper that claims the existence of a virus, that it is pathogenic and responsible for diseases, and that there can be a reliable test for it. That test has been dismantled and proven to be a work of fraud.

Covid19 News updates several times a day with the most salient events of the past 24 hours or so. It is also published by Chiron Return.

If you have specific expertise on the timing of any issues, or any other timelines, please contact us.


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