Is Vladimir Putin going mad? Is he on steroids? Or is he just feeling the influence of Mars retrograde in Libra?

Sly Mr. Putin, a product of the KGB.
Sly Mr. Putin, a product of the KGB.

Yesterday we published the Aquarius and Pisces birthday readings. I mention them at the top of the program; if you’re interested, here is how to get the Aquarius reading and here is how to get the Pisces reading. I’ve also just finished this letter previewing the readings.

In today’s program, I look at the situation developing between Russia and the Ukraine. We’ve been researching this copiously, and have a source near Kiev and someone who personally knew Viadimir Putin. While I’m explaining this chart, I answer several reader questions about the relationship of houses and signs and how that works in a chart.

Here is the chart for Viktor Yanukovich fleeing Kiev a week ago Saturday.

Here is Vladimir Putin’s cart (what I call version 3A), provided by Russian astrologers who claim to have the real data. I say more about this on the program, and treat this chart like a pretty good hypothetical that I am testing in realtime.

Here is a photo of some Russian Special Forces guys in their new logoless uniforms. Putin is invoking the spook principle of “plausible deniability.”

Vladimir Putin version 3A with my annotations, which I explain in the program.
Vladimir Putin version 3A with my annotations, which I explain in the program.
Chart for Yanukovich fleeing Kiev. Source is Ukraine media, via Anatoly.
Chart for Yanukovich fleeing Kiev. Source is Ukraine media, via Anatoly.


  1. Hi, when I heard about Putin’s Georgian birth, I checked this on Google and found this woman from Georgia claiming to be Putin’s mother and having given birth to him on Oct 7, 1950. Funny enough the place of birth was not mentioned so far but they always talk about her “having returned to Georgia with him”, not him having been born in Georgia…

    Later it is said that she brought him to her parents who lived in St. Petersburg where he stayed then…

    Any further information on that one by anybody?

    The British newspaper “The Telegraph” suggests, it all might just be propaganda from Georgian government:
    “Commentators have accused the small Republic of manipulating the press over its recent conflict with Russia, with some claiming that while the Russians may have won the war in August, the Georgians claimed a propaganda victory.”

    Any further information anyone? Would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Sunny greetings from Bolivia,


  2. dear alexander and eric francis

    i stumbled onto this site via someone sharing a link to this thread on the question of putins birthtime. interestingly enough i was in contact with an astrologer from russia who informed me that a time of approx 8:46 am oct 7th 1952 st. petersburg also produces a libra rising chart.. this fellow told me of a contest within a russian astrological group to rectify putins birth time was won by 2 different astrologers offering 8:35am along with the same data above which produces a rising degree of 24 libra 42.. i mention some of this at skyscript forum in the mundane section for anyone interested on the question of a specific chart for russia.

    i just wanted to share how i find it interesting see this libra ascendant based on a different year and time, as it coincides with the libra rising chart i work with.. i have to say that the venus retrograde has had a big impact this year in terms of war type activities and putin has been central to some of it.. cheers james

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