Trauma Healing Coach Meredith Miller. Covid Closing Arguments. Vesta Conjunct Nessus.

Meredith Miller.

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Note to Listeners — Here is my open letter to Denis Rancourt, which will take you offsite to Substack (in a new window). This letter/article is the outline and references for my closing arguments, presented in the full program and on the second player below. Here is my chart for the Vesta-Nessus conjunction, which I discuss in Tantra Studio. This opens in a new window. Prior editions in this series are here. If you are looking for the story “Her Scorpio Milk” from Book of Blue, please check back Saturday — I have to find it.

This week I am separating out several of the segments.  The zip file of the full program, and the alt player will follow in a bit — but possibly not Friday night. Thanks for understanding. — efc

Program Notes — Welcome to the PWFM 2023 Winter Season

Dear Friend and Listener:

Planet Waves FM returns tonight, featuring a conversation with Meredith Miller, a trauma healing coach. You may reach her here. The interview with Meredith is posted above; the rest of the program will appear before its scheduled time of 10 pm ET.

In our conversation, we go beyond the politics, science fraud and technical issues, and reach into the heart of the human impact. We have not collectively accounted for what has been done to us personally: the ways we have been emotionally and spiritually injured, and driven apart, and in many places, the abuse, denial, deception and meanness march on.

It’s time to address this condition, and Meredith offers some coherent and humane ideas about how to consider our situation and also how to communicate with others.

Your subscription fees go directly to Chiron Return, the nonprofit investigative team. Thank you for your support of our work.

Closing Arguments on Covid, Part One

The program also includes a segment called “Closing Arguments on Covid,” which will dive into the technical and political aspects of the scientific fraud we continue to witness and be subjected to. This is designed to be something you can share with others for a succinct overview of the scientific and legal problem.

I will probably have to handle this in two parts, continuing next week, to keep the material manageable. It will be based on my Open Letter to Prof. Denis Rancourt, now my #3 most visited Substack article.

Mars and Mercury Direct; Vesta-Nessus Continued

I’ll also go through the current astrology, mostly discussing Mars and Mercury stationing direct within a week of one another. And I’ll continue my presentation on the Vesta-Nessus conjunction that I’ve developed in several short programs. If you’re curious, you can review those in one place on the Planet Waves website, open to all listeners.

Planet Waves FM is part of Chiron Return, a fledgling nonprofit that supports the program, an investigative team, and the one and only chronology of what we have been through (of which there is a new edition).

Thank You to our Soul Sponsors

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Thank you for your time, your support and your trust. Please contact me if you wish to get involved in news gathering, research, writing, art or production.

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With love,

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  1. What an awesome show tonight!
    You said it. Well, some of it.
    It’s okay. I’ve been avoiding Dark Star too, Eric.
    Very insightful guest and I’m digging the sex talk! I’m not shy about that kinda stuff and I hope you keep engaging with us listeners on such a deep and personal level. I think it helps everyone! Our society’s got too damn many hang up’s when it comes to what should be as natural a pleasure as a good meal. We share pics of our food (are they still doing that on FB and IG?), yet can’t tell our lovers what we need for dessert? I know some people who are just miserable because of the very issues you mentioned. I shall send them this a’ way, sir!
    Keep up the great work and know it’s greatly appreciated.
    Janice from Oklahoma

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