On the Shores of Transhumanism. The Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan Controversy. Conversation with Celia Farber.

Originally posted Feb 4, 2022

Investigative reporter Celia Farber cheek-to-cheek with the RE27. Photo by Eric Francis.

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You will hear if you can stand to listen that long that an essential theme of the program involves whether someone named Robert Malone is an honest guy. On this program, both my guest Celia Farber and I affirm that whether or not that’s true, his influence is positive. However, I just got a new article from Celia’s Substack feed, which goes to the essence of the problem.

The conversation with Celia is fun but I talk way too much, which can happen when I’m super excited about a guest and am also personally familiar with them. I’ve invited the lady back onto the program for further discussion of the issues.

Here is See No Evil by Vicki Monks, exposing New York Times fraud on the dioxin issue.

First player is the program at full res. Celia comes in at about 2 hours 15 minutes. If anyone needs the file cut in two, I’ll do that Saturday. The second player will be mono with maximum compression (smallest possible file).

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Tonight’s Program Highlight: Investigative Reporter Celia Farber

Thursday I spent two hours with Celia Farber, who as a 19-year-old young woman was covering the HIV and AIDS crisis for the rock magazine SPIN. Among the things we have in common is that we began our investigative careers at age 19 and are still on the job.

Celia and I go back over the past 38 years of virus history, starting with the infamous press conference in 1984 at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)— the one where HIV was declared to be the one and only cause of AIDS. Celia has covered Anthony Fauci since the beginning of his career at the NIH and contributed to Robert F. Kennedy’s book about him (read her essay).

We cover a lot of ground, finally ending up in spiritual territory.

Ahead of that, I will go over the Neil Young vs Joe Rogan controversy that was trending last weekend, and check in with the specifics of Rogan’s allegedly controversial interview with Dr Robert Malone (co-inventor of mRNA technology).

And I will play an interview with Ricardo Delgado Martin of La Quinta Columna, the discoverer of graphene oxide contamination in the “covid vaccines.” He makes the connection between the graphene in all preparations of the shot and electromagnetic fields that it amplifies. It is this issue that puts us right at the brink of transhumanism: the merging of humans and computers.

See you at 10 pm and thank you again for your support and your trust.




    Hi Eric,

    From a purely intellectual angle, the attack on virology has been the most interesting and stimulating aspect of this whole two years. It’s made me rethink all the assumptions I’ve had since grade school science. And remember all the times I’ve been ill and blamed it on a virus or ‘germ’, while ignoring the physical/pollution/nutrition/spiritual problems which, looking back on them, preceded each illness. I have to say I’m like one of those people Tom Cowan reported as feeling much happier since this idea crossed my radar early on in this caper, and perhaps connected, not ill since.

    From a political angle, it seems obvious that if you’re aiming for world domination, having an invisible thing that ’causes’ illness and can be spread from person to person is mighty convenient. What a great excuse to stop people meeting and talking to each other, limit their travel, threaten their livelihoods, get them to do anything, even clamour for an experimental medicine. How much better things are for the corporates and governments when people blame a virus rather than the parasites’ pollution of our food, water and air – including the electromagnetic spectrum.

    On the other side, I can also understand how difficult it must be, particularly for those with decades of career behind them chasing ‘viruses’, to simply give it up. Whether they have a financial interest still in upholding virology (and vaccines) or not. I spent many years trying to get my dad to whistleblow on Los Alamos, where he was a senior materials scientist for about 20 years. He threatened it often enough, but never had the courage to do it, even after he retired. The closest he got (apart from the corruption gossip) was to tell me at the end of his life he’d had a research project there blocked because it wasn’t ‘weaponisable’. But even then he wouldn’t tell me what it was about, he’d already said too much.

    McCullough and Malone remind me a lot of my dad, except with more courage. We’ve learned an awful lot from them about how the higher reaches of the health system work, and they’ve risked a huge amount of comfortable (and quiet) social prestege in coming out with as much as they have. As do the doctors who prescribe effective treatments and all the other scientce and medicine ‘heratics’, whatever they think of viruses.

    I don’t think it matters at this point whether they believe in viruses or have some kind of financial interest in doing so. It is enough that they’re on the freedom side of this right now. This is not to say that Cowan, Massey and Kaufman etc should stop insisting on the non-existance of viruses, but they need to recognise that their real effect. and ultimately most powerful, is at the grass-roots level. Most of them had already made their leaps against the establishment before this crisis blew up.

    For most of the medicine ‘professionals’ this has been their first unveiling of the corruption. And many have been kicked out rather than leaving of their own accord. ‘All this, and NOW you tell me viruses don’t exist anyway?’ Give them some time.

    What it feels all can agree on, at least, is the importance of nutrition, exercise, and lack of stress in keeping people from getting sick. Whatever the putative cause, or causes.

    While I may be able to convince my double-masked, triple jabbed professional neighbour that bumping up her vit D might have made for a jollier holiday than manic daily testing of the whole assembled clan for two weeks, and maybe even get her to watch a few minutes of McCullough, her ears will immediately shut down if I even hint that maybe there was never a virus anyway. It is people like her maybe the grandees are worried about putting off, in terms of the no virus thing. Not understanding that they’ll never really hear it anyway.

    Also, all can agree that the most offensive and disgusting crimes have been committed against humanity, and science. Whether they were actually making a real bioweapon virus / injection as claimed, or whether the whole thing was a chimeric fantasy to cover up the financial crash, the decimation and corporatisation of the health care and the effects of all kinds of pollution, an ultimate control agenda – the idea that anyone: US government, Fauci, Eco-Health, the Chinese govt, the guy at UNC, DARPA, whoever of the long list of culpables would think it better to spend billions on these projects than to say, figure out how to replicate and scale photosynthisis to power our electrics. This is the ultimate insult to what we’re raised to idealise honorably as ‘the pursuit of science’, and what they’ve played on to support TheScience™.

    ‘Not weaponisable, not funded.’

    I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but one of the most shocking revelations in a time of daily shocking revelations has been the involvement of the military in ‘health’ research. I don’t think it’s been emphasised enough on either side of this virus discussion. Whatever ‘worked’, or didn’t work, this money is directed towards creating more problems for people, not solving them. Why are people who want to do this anywhere near government money for research? Especially ‘health’ research? Fauci wasn’t alone, and neither the other stars of the email leaks – WhoTF is making decisions like this on the military side? Who’s in all these other shady companies the money is funneled through?

    For myself, the arguments for the primacy of terrain and against the existance of viruses have been won by Massey, Cowan et al. Their methodological arguments I don’t think can be denied, but I’ve also convinced myself by taking many of their recommended measures and not getting sick for two years. Despite living in a crowded apartment block in the middle of a big city in a soup of EMF and bad air, where quite a few have been sick. (All recovered) Fortunately also where many felt from the beginning that the government measures were weird at the very least, (except for the few here from the professional class) and rarely bothered with them, except for maybe the first two weeks.

    Despite the best efforts of TheScience™, working class common sense is finally starting to have an effect, as we can see with the Canadian truckers’ freedom movement. This same common sense is also way ahead of the professionals about viruses. People shouldn’t worry that their professional class friends just won’t get it for now, it’s enough if they oppose mandates and jabbing kids. They’ve been educated to doubt common sense – and the evidence of their senses – most of their lives. And they really really really want to believe that the parasite class can somehow be our benefactors, that they can’t be so evil as to treat death and injury as collatoral damage, much less actively wish it upon us.

    Anyway, this is long enough. Just wanted to get a few thoughts about this virus/no virus situation down. My guiding quote when dealing with people like Malone, etc is Melville’s ‘What are you, reader, but a Loose Fish, and a Fast Fish too?’ at the end of his magnificent chapter Fast Fish and Loose Fish – meaning that there we all have aspects which are captured, and aspects which are free. Yes, look at someone’s past, look at their connections, but recognise that there are fundamentally good people caught in the professional matrix, who may not be able to shake the whole thing off at once. That of course does not mean they should be telling the no virus people to stop talking, but it does mean that our side needs to stop worrying about their advocacy of viruses, and plow our row as best we can.

    In the meantime, I’m having some fun working a couple of professional biologist friends round to the no virus idea.

    Thanks for all you and your team do, and apologies for not being able to contribute more cash besides the subscription and recent horoscope.


  2. Hello Barb,

    Thank you for your thoughts — nice to see some coherent writing for a change.

    Re the lack of virus issue, and nonexistence of viruses issue generally, the question is one of debate strategy — inductive or deductive?

    In the public forum, which is different from the kitchen table, I think this is one where we want to move from the specific to the general, rather than from the general to the specific.

    One says: the following five viruses have no evidence of existence; therefore, your theory is on question. The other says: viruses don’t exist, therefore SARS-CoV-2 does not exist.

    A broad assault on the existence viruses leaves one open to attack and rebuttal much more easily: as Wolfgang attempted, his deductive reasoning response is to say, “How then do we account for vaccines working?” (General and accepted evidence in an attempt to refute specific claims.)

    An inductive attack would be taking down three viruses by showing the required proofs don’t exist, finding out what those particular issues have in common, and saying that those three viruses going down casts doubt on the whole theory or at least proves virology does not follow its method. It is at least probable cause to re-litigate the issue.

    So guys come on and prove your whole theory, I missed your arguments the first time ‘round.

    That is why I am suggesting in this round, we attack the extremely flimsy reasoning and sham science around SARS-CoV-2 and the nonexistent test for it.

    That achieves two things: it takes out covid and the pandemic, and is a feather in the cap for two or three more examples.

    Lanka gas done the work on measles. Polio (the disease effect) is obviously chemical poisoning and that can be proven to a high degree by correlating it with DDT.


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