Totally Tripping Balls — Aries New Moon

This is what it’s like up in 11-D. I don’t get into that in this article.

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The new Planet Waves FM starts with the parable of the Evil Demon, who is said to appear two places: one is in a room full of people totally tripping balls, and the other is in a meeting of the teacher’s union negotiating committee.

Eric Francis

How will the two groups respond? From there I go on to read the New Moon chart, including Mars square Neptune, Venus conjunct Eris, and the constellation in Aquarius, which is turning people into cult members.

I also describe my attempt to get real numbers from the Westchester County government — they claim not to know how many people are in the hospital in their county.

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Thanks to your support and sponsorship, I am able to show up here each week and be entirely real with you. In our world right now, this is a miracle.

Here are some resources

Facets and Fragments of Self — the first monograph about Eris, published early 2007

My Guide to The Dimensions — notes that need cleaning up, but you will get the idea

VICE: Page 25 of the “government report” on astral projection found

Your tax dollars at work: the whole PDF of the report

Free Pill Astrology by Rod Brezinsky

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Where is the emergency?

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