SPECIAL REPORT: Virus Advocates Speak Out. Richard Gage on the science and psychology of 9/11.

Bob, his covid vaccinator and the bug — bona fide virus huggers.


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Richard Gage videos and 9/11 resources are below.

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Lanvi Nguyen.

Virus Hugger Resources | Download the Excerpts!! (small file)

Source material for the virus hugger segment is from this Substack post. Thanks to everyone for contributing. Here are the video references, in order:

Dr. Joe Mercola and Derrick Broze, 14 minute mark

Dr. Susan Humphries on CHD TV, 16 minute mark

James Corbett and Derrick Broze, 20 minute mark

Dr. Mark Trozzi and son, 9 minute mark

Whitney Webb with Derrick Broze, 5 minute mark

Richard Gage Presentations on 9/11 Engineering and Psychology. There are two parts to this interview, both originating in video. All resources are below — see last player down for the original segment with psychologists talking about recovery from the trauma.

Visit Richard’s Website with Many Resources

Richard Gage in a Planet Waves interview. Tap photo to be taken to video of parts 1 and 2.

Above photo links to part two. Here is part one:

Also here are both video presentations of my interviews with Richard Gage. The player below is the stand-alone interview from the current show, and below that, the segment with psychologists, as audio.


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  1. Thanks for doing this, Eric!…Whitney Webb has been the most disappointing person. That she does not even want to look into the virus provenance issue is why I stopped reading her recent work. I think you recorrect…once she began to dig into it she would be intriqued.

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