What really happened? Interview with civil engineer Roland Angle from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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Brooklyn Bridge with the World Trade Center in the background on Sept. 11, 2001.

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Roland Angle: A Civil Engineer on the Demolition of WTC 1, 2 and 7

The Sept. 11 anniversary is behind us, though today I had an opportunity to interview Roland Angle, a civil engineer and former demolition specialist in the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, about what really happened at the World Trade Center. As with other important issues, the commercial media tells people that anyone who questions the official version of events is either crazy or stupid. However, thousands of engineers and architects have signed onto a petition asserting that the official story cannot be true — from the standpoint of structural science and basic Newtonian physics: how fast things fall when there is no resistance. Here is the interview in its entirety, followed by a segment from the AE911 documentary Explosive Evidence. A short version of that documentary is below.

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    I didn’t think I would have the bandwidth to listen to this show in light of the madness of our current situation, but you have such an easy and relatable way of laying out the story — your story — that I found myself going along. And when you described the feeling of liberation that came over you when you realized what the photos of the Pentagon site were showing, or rather NOT showing — it resonated deeply with my own experience of seeing the curtain of lies pulled back over the past 18 months. Apocalypse = Revelation.

    Especially valuable was the excerpt from the film by the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, on the psychology of denial. I had heard this piece before (thanks to PlanetWaves) but it had new meaning this time. I am a psychologist myself, but even so, it’s been a challenge to keep hold of my own sanity in the face of the mass psychosis / gaslighting now gripping the collective. The discussion helped me to understand how fraught with landmines is every communication I have with those caught up in the denial system. As a Jungian, I think of all this in terms of shadow — the ethical task of facing the shadow…the Saturn-Pluto thing as Rick Tarnas describes it. (I was born with a very loaded Saturn-Pluto square.). And now I am replacing the term Shadow with the word Evil.

    The late, great James Hillman was always pointing out our tendency as Americans to wrap ourselves in the banner of innocence, and what a set-up that is for gargantuan betrayal. I myself am now thankful for all the many smaller betrayals I have experienced in my life, as they initiated me bit by bit into this dark territory so that I have a degree of tolerance for the truth. It would be a lot to go from the childlike state of trusting the parental authorities and the view of America (or the Democrats) as the white-hat good-guys to grokking the full extent of the corruption, indeed the evil, of the American Empire at this point. But wake up they/we must.
    The question now is — how will this happen, when, and what role can people like myself play in the unfolding? I thank you again for being a beacon of truth and humanity in these dire times. You helped me immeasurably!

    BTW: You can read Hillman’s great essay on Betrayal here


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