ArkLight Benefit, Nov. 21, 2021 – Naomi Wolf, Mark Crispin Miller, Cat McGuire, Kevin Jenkins and Dr. Tom Cowan, documented in audio and video by Planet Waves FM

New! Discussion of where Tantra meets A Course in Miracles.


It was wonderful meeting all of you who attended Sunday’s ArkLight benefit.

For those who could not make it Sunday, we are providing audio and video coverage from Planet Waves FM / Chiron Return. Here are the recordings of the November 2020 event where Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman both spoke.

Logo for the ArkLight event.

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The audio from the event is ready, and now all the video is in place. There is no video of Tom Cowan, only audio; and I’ve hosted the Kevin Jenkins video on Bitchute to keep him away from the Google monster.

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Thank you to Cate Ryzhenko in Ukraine for producing all that video so fast and so well. We at Planet Waves are happy to contribute this work to ArkLight and its people.

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Kevin Jenkins speaks at the ArkLight Benefit, Nov. 21, 2021.

Kevin Jenkins, the very coolest of the Disinfo Dozen, reminds us all why we are alive, and how much we want to be friends. (Intro by Leland Lehrman) | Watch the video on Bitchute

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Cat McGuire :: Beyond Left and Right (intro by Leland Lehrman)

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Tom Cowan speaking at last year’s event. I did not photograph or video him in 2021. Photo by Eric.

Dr. Tom Cowan :: Do Viruses Exist?

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Naomi Wolf :: The Vaccine is the Human Paywall

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Prof. Mark Crispin Miller :: Beware of Bullshit (intro by Eric Francis Coppolino)

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Eric Francis Coppolino :: Become the Media


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